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Our Story

Teeze Me's founder, Choon, emigrated from Korea to the United States in the early 60's with nothing more than $500 to her name. The first job she was able to find was working as a nanny. From there, she saved up enough money to enroll in design school. She supported her education by working as a seamstress for different sewing contractors in Downtown Los Angeles.

Upon completion of design school, Choon found it very difficult to find a design job, so she offered her skills to better fashion houses for next to nothing. She did this so that she could learn from the best and secure a position in the highly competitive fashion industry. She worked hard, and sometimes for free, earning the attention of better designers and pattern makers.

After some time, she was hired as a designer by a small apparel manufacturer. Unbeknownst to her, her designs started selling and eventually buyers started to take notice. She was recruited by Arpeja (a large public apparel company at the time) to be head designer of their Young Innocent division. In less than 12 months, she doubled the size of that division. In 1972, she decided to start her own company, "Just Choon".

"Just Choon" was literally just Choon. She was the designer, the salesperson, and the production manager for her business. She was unable to afford expensive fabrics, so she made dresses out of muslin - an inexpensive, disposable fabric. Saks 5th Avenue admired her "fresh, new" use of the fabric and featured her muslin-based line in their NYC storefront windows. Choon’s experience, talent, and progressive fashion sense continue to drive the direction of Teeze Me to this day.

Teeze Me is the story of the American dream - a story of hard work, dedication, and well-earned success.